Buy car/bike insurance online from Amazon Pay within 2 minutes.

E-commerce company Amazon has entered into the insurance sector and is giving people the facility to ensure vehicles online. So if your vehicle insurance has expired then you don’t have to worry. You can take online insurance of your vehicle from Amazon Pay.

Amazon and Eco General Insurance Limited together have launched an insurance policy for two-wheeler and four-wheelers.

The company has claimed that now anyone can buy an insurance policy in less than two minutes without any paperwork.

In this policy, Amazon Prime members will also get additional benefits & discounts.

Special features of this insurance policy

Amazon Pay has made it very easy to buy insurance online by agreeing with Eko Insurance Company.

In this insurance policy, services such as claims without any paperwork interruption, one-hour pick-up, 3-day assured claim service and 1-year repair warranty are being offered in select cities.

Apart from this, the option of instant cash settlement for low-value claims will also be beneficial for the insured.

How to buy an insurance policy

You can buy or renew your insurance policy within minutes, by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Start with entering your car or bike number or selecting your car or bike.
  2. Just answer some simple questions related to your car and bike.
  3. View and Select attractive insurance plans for your car/bike.

Additionally, you can also choose engine protection such as add-on.

You can also use Amazon Pay Balance, UPI, Debit Card, and Credit Card for paying insurance. Your policy will be in your email inbox in less than 2 minutes.

How can changes to an existing policy?

Q. Update the owner’s name or mobile number.

If you want to change the policyholder name or mobile number in the insurance policy, please reach After this, to change the name of the policyholder, you will be shared a link by the Eko Helpdesk team. To change the name in the insurance policy, you will also have to update the name in your RC.

Q. Change other details in the policy?

Log on to

Find the insurance policy card and click on view details. After clicking this you’ll be redirected to the insurance policy details page where you will see an ‘Edit Policy’ button.

After Clicking the ’Edit Policy’ button, a new pop-up will open with the following options for changes you can make in the insurance policy:

  1. Edit your email id
  2. Edit start date
  3. Edit your vehicle engine number
  4. Edit your vehicle chassis number
  5. Edit your address
  6. Add/Edit Nominee
  7. Edit your loan provider
  8. Edit passenger cover
  9. Add PA Cover
  10. Add/Edit Electrical Accessories
  11. Edit the NCB and Update new NCB value
  12. Edit the IDV and Update new IDV Value
  13. Update/ Edit the Registration Year
  14. Add or edit the previous insurer and update the new insurer name
  15. Update the new variant
  16. Edit the Vehicle model and variant

Terms and Conditions

The insurer will issue any insurance policy sought by Amazon. The risk is underwritten only by the insurer.

According to Amazon, any person can buy an insurance policy at their discretion and on a completely voluntary basis.

The contract of insurance will be between the insurance company and the policyholder, not including Amazon.

In case of an insurance claim or policy servicing, you will have to notify the insurer immediately and contact the insurer for any help or need regarding the completion of all the formalities and provision of documentation.

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