Compare and do insurance – Health, Life, Car, Critical illness, Travel etc.

We can reduce the financial risk in our life by getting insurance. Such as death, falling ill, accident, or property damage, etc.

It can happen anytime in our life. We should be financially prepared for ourselves and our family. You also have to think about where the family will get financial help. With insurance, you can protect your family’s future.

In an insurance plan, you get several types of tax benefits along with financial security.

Car insurance

If you buy any vehicle in India, then you must ensure the vehicle. Currently, many companies are also providing online car insurance.

But before insuring the car, you must compare the policies of different companies.

You can take any insurance as per your convenience. Then whether you have to get an insurance renewal. It would be better for you if you take Accident Insurance cover also.

Term life insurance

Very few people in India take term life insurance. Because they feel that the money they are paying as premium, they will not get it back while in the endowment policy they get money back. This is why most people do not take term insurance.

There is no money back in term life insurance plans, but the cover is very much available.

  • If you pay a premium in any insurance plan in addition to term life, you can get insurance of 2 lakhs.
  • You can get a cover of 25 lakhs or more in the same premium in term insurance.

Money-back insurance policy

If you put money in a money-back insurance policy instead of a fixed deposit, then it will be better for you.

In the Money Back Insurance Policy, the money is available with interest and along with it, the insurance cover is also available. If the insured dies suddenly, your family will get a cover as well as interest.

If the policy matures while you are alive, you will not get as much interest, as on bank or government deposits, but as long as the policy remains, you can sleep peacefully.

Critical illness Insurance

If you suddenly get a serious Compare and do insurance – Health, Life, Car, Critical illness, Travel etc.illness, then money flows like water in its treatment. In such a situation, the bank accounts of many families are empty. Whether the patient is cured or not, the family definitely suffers from an economic crisis.

In such a situation, to deal with the economic crisis, you should take such health insurance, which will provide your financial help in critical illness.

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