Health Insurance companies now give you free coupons and reward points.

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has allowed insurance companies to offer attractive offers along with health insurance.

IRDA believes that by doing this increased awareness in people about health insurance and he will be attracted to it.

After this, the insurance companies are going to give you a lot of offers. Let’s see what the insurance companies will get to offer after getting the rebate given by IRDA.

Health and Safety Protocol

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), while issuing the Health and Safety Protocol, has told the health insurance companies that it can now provide benefits to its customers under it.

Insurance companies can offer you breathtaking offers to promote health insurance. But only companies offering health insurance can issue this offer, general insurance companies cannot do so.

What health insurance company can offer?

After getting exemption from IRDA, health insurance companies will be able to offer various types of offers and discounts to their customers.

Health insurance companies can also offer free coupons, passes, discounts on health supplements, and a free pass to yoga centers.

Health insurance companies can also run reward point schemes for policyholders who meet the prescribed eligibility. Which can also be used by the insured to pay his premium.

The objective of IRDA

The objective of IRDA is to raise public awareness about health insurance and make health insurance available to more and more people in India. IRDA has stated in the circular issued by it that health insurance companies should form a policy so that it can reach the people of every category.

According to IRDA, insurance companies should design a new health policy keeping in mind the savings of the people.

Under this, these companies can give a discount coupon to the insured people for purchasing health supplements, membership of a yoga center, gym, sports club, or fitness center. Also, a cash reward point can be offered.

What do health insurance companies need to keep in mind?

According to IRDA guidelines, these features can also be issued as an add-on option in any policy.

However, IRDA has made it clear that it cannot be introduced by adding it to any insurance product or adding it as a benefit. IRDA has instructed the companies to give information about these features and the cost of the expenditure on it, along with the people while applying for insurance.

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