Learn the methods of earning from LIC: It earned Rs 1 lakh crore in just 3 months

If you are not able to make money, then it is not good to blame the opportunity. The main reason is that you do not know how to make money. Do you know that LIC made big money in that era when everything seemed to be sinking? Currently, LIC is India’s largest investor in the stock market.

The stock market of the country and the world is not able to stabilize due to the corona epidemic, but LIC has also made good earnings during this period. Let us know which shares of LIC, and how much LIC has earned.

LIC made more than 17 times the profit

LIC has received very good returns from many small stocks. It’s a reason LIC has earned Rs 97400 crore from the stock market in the last 3 months.

According to the experts of the share market, LIC invests the money of common investors in the stock market and investors also get the benefit of large returns. In FY 2015-16, LIC had made a profit of more than 11 thousand crores and gave 40% more dividend and bonus to its investors this financial year.

Reliance also benefited LIC

Based on value, LIC has earned over Rs 97,400 crore in the June quarter. Of this, only Reliance Industries has a stake of Rs 22,360 crore. During the June quarter, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) share price reached a level of ₹ 1,102 to ₹ 1,703, and thereafter the share has risen to around ₹ 2000. It can be inferred that LIC’s earnings are expected to grow in the next quarter.

Which shares benefited LIC

  1. Reliance Power,
  2. Cox and Kings,
  3. Ballarpur Industries,
  4. Jaypee Infratech,
  5. GTL Infrastructure,
  6. Reliance Capital,
  7. Bajaj Hindustan
  8. Suzlon Energy

The above shares have given more than 100% return in the last quarter. All these shares were priced below Rs 10 in the March quarter. LIC has made bets on shares of at least 25 small companies whose share value was very profitable in the last quarter to make profits even in the Corona era.

LIC got the most profit from the share of Birla Tires, which gained nearly 17 times. In LIC’s portfolio as well, the same stock made the biggest jump according to percentage.
On March 31, Birla Tires’ share price was Rs 2.95, which rose to Rs 50.25 on June 30.
Apart from this, LIC has also made huge profits in 1255% in Alok Industries stock, 283% in Digam stock, 275% in Reliance Home Finance stock, and 272% in Jaiprakash Power Ventures stock.


Currently, LIC is the largest insurance company in the country.

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